Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Where can I buy the book? 

A: You can purchase the book at Esther’s online store


Q: What are your payment methods?

A: Paypal and E-transfer. You may choose between these options when you purchase the book in the online store. 


Q: Is there an Ebook and Audiobook?

A: Yes to both, the Ebook and Audiobook is included with the purchase of a hardcopy of the book or through the “donate a book package”.


Q: What versions do you have of the hardcopy book and Ebook?

A: There is an English only version and a bilingual version (English & Traditional Chinese characters with pinyin)


Q: What languages is the Audiobook recorded in?

A: There are 4 versions as follow: (1) English, (2) Mandarin, (3) Cantonese 1 – as written, and (4) Cantonese 2– in everyday spoken language. 


Q: Why did you write the book?

A: I wrote all about it in my website in the book page, check it out here.


Q:  Who are your target readers?  

A:  The main target group is for children 5-10 years old, but I envision parents and teachers reading this story together with the younger ones so they can explain some of the more complex themes in the book such as racism, legacy of the Indian Residential School system, empathy and self-acceptance. 

I can see parents who have had this kind of cross-cultural experience bonding with their children by sharing their own stories of being a newcomer. One big reason why I wrote this book is to share my story with my children when I realized that they didn’t really know. I hope this book can create some precious moments for parents or grandparents to share their own journey adjusting to new challenges growing up as a child.


Q: What did you enjoy the most while writing and publishing this book?

A: I enjoyed sharing this book project journey with my kids who supported me 100%. I realized when I published the book they are the same age as me when I immigrated from Hong Kong to Canada. I often ask them to imagine how it would be like if they have to pack all their belongings right now, move to a new place and have to learn a new language.

Q: Who is your illustrator? How did you meet her?

A: Melanie Choi is the illustrator for my book. I met her through my work as the Team Manager of an annual volunteering project call Project Shine that I lead to teach English to rural under-resourced students in Guangxi, China. She was one of the volunteer teachers. 

Melanie Choi is a Vancouver based illustrator and designer. She specializes in digital illustrations and mixed media. Drawing much of her inspiration to create from her family's Hong Kong background. Melanie has a BFA in illustration from Emily Carr University of Art + Design and you can find her personal works on her website and Instagram;; @mel.melk.milk and @melonchoiart